• Mind, Body and Tech by Alan Marsden

    Mind, Body, and Tech is a blog by that provides tips for a happier mind and healthier you. By adding technology to the mix, Alan makes sure that you are geared up with all the latest tricks of personal development.
    Mind, Body and Tech
  • Own Your Story with Quarter Life Crusader!

    Quarter Life Crusader is a website and blog by Charlotte. The name of the site comes from Charlotte's life experiences which, instead of calling quarter life crisis, she decided to call as crusader. You get an empowered feeling, a sense of life that's full of possibilities, as soon as you land on the homepage and read: Own your story, and create a life that matters to you
    Quarter Life Crusader
  • Become a Conscious Creator with Leah Cox!

    As is apparent from the blog's title, Leah's posts deal with living at your greatest potential and doing the things you love to make an income. Her mission starts becoming clear, sending a strong sense of possibilities, as soon as you read the headline: Conscious Creation of a Life You Love.
    Leah Cox
  • The Daily Positive by Dale Patridge

    The Daily Positive is a website by Dale Patridge that focuses on providing uplifting articles, stories and videos to people. I hope my writings inspire you to live a life of purpose. Dale's posts range from short and sweet articles that make you smile to the ones that give some serious inspiration to change your life.
    The Daily Positive
  • Experience the Power Of Positivity!

    Kristen and Chris, the founders of the site, explain how they started using positivity to live better lives themselves; they write about their vision to help others connect with their higher, happier self through Power Of Positivity.
    Power Of Positivity
  • Get Trained for Personal Development with Sid!

    Training for personal development - this is how Sid Savara describes his blog, and this is what his blog does! With Sid's posts, you don't just read about personal development, you yourself take steps to actively bring about the changes - you get trained for personal development.
    Sid Sivara
  • Make It Happen!

    Make It Happen is a greatly inspiring blog by Arvind Devalia which is full of articles that encourage you to find happiness and inner peace, while also making you realize that YOU can make a difference too, simply by doing things you love. In fact, The blog's motto itself is: Make It Happen, for a better you and a better world.
    Make It Happen
  • Live & work on your own terms – Get Paid To Exist!

    Paid To Exist is a website by Jonathan Mead which makes you ready to work on your passion and start living and working on your own terms. Jonathan's words give you a sense of freedom to live a life that you dream of, by working on something that you are meant to. Jonathan's articles help you to work at your full potential; sometimes encouraging, sometimes cautioning, while always providing wisdom and lending a helping hand when you feel stuck.
    Paid To Exist
  • Live Your Legend

    Live Your Legend is a website by Scott Dinsmore that focuses on helping people find their passion and convert it into their profession . The site is full of articles and numerous other resources such as Ebooks, worksheets & local meet-ups for everything from finding your passion, working on it and finally, using that passion as your very own perfect source of income.

    Living Your Legend:

    Scott is a firm believer that all of us must do what we love, what makes us happy; as everyone of us has a unique talent that’s just waiting to be nurtured. As Scott puts it,


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  • Conquer The Edge

    Conquer The Edge is a website by Katie Leimkuehler that deals with conquering whatever holds you back - be it your fears, indecisions, lack of motivation or a negative state of mind.
    Conquer The Edge